Avi Pfeffer's Music

I am a composer and producer of electronic music. Classically trained, I create electronic music that is inspired by strong compositional values but doesn’t sound at all traditional. I also create choral music, both with and without electronics. I strive to make my music both intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. While challenging existing forms, my music is always melodic and approachable.

A Lasting Impression

My new album is called A Lasting Impression, to be released on Pumpedita Records. A Lasting Impression creates a journey through many different moods, ending with a joyful abundance of sound. It has the scale and scope of a classical symphony, but with a completely electronic sound. The release is scheduled for February 7, 2020.

When I started writing A Lasting Impression, I wasn’t intending to write a big piece like a symphony. I had been writing a lot of choral music and wanted a fresh start with my electronic music. I started with a blank slate and was committed to go wherever the music would take me without any preconceived ideas. But it soon became clear that my material required a larger canvas. This happened when the opening motif doubled in speed and I wrote this long rhythmic section. After that, the whole piece came relatively easy, and I finished it in a few months. It really helped that I decided to get with an expert mixing and mastering engineer, Nathan Moody of Obsidian Sound. Nathan did a fantastic job helping my realize my vision.

You can buy the album, after the release date, at Bandcamp. Here are some excerpts to whet your appetite.

A Lasting Impression, Part 1 Excerpt
A Lasting Impression, Part 2 Excerpt
A Lasting Impression, Part 3 Excerpt
A Lasting Impression, Part 4 Excerpt

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